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Leaders have advisors.

Why don't you?

You're ready to take things to a higher level - ready to truly embody your leadership at home, in the world, and in your business. There are just those damn patriarchal, toxic capitalist ideas about what leadership is supposed to look like.

You're a soulful business owner and you've been in the solopreneur vibe for a long time, right? That only works for so long.

Maybe you have a great team of employees or contractors, but wow, it's hard to rally the troops sometimes.

You're ready to become the queen - the sovereign - of your business without any of the toxic CEO vibes polluting your great work. 

Here, we value people over profits, and "profit" isn't a dirty word.

I want you to show up for yourself, your team, your clients, and all the important people in your life, smarter, with more spirit, and not by working harder.

I've learned the rules so you can break them, buck the system, and say hell no to the way things have "always been done," because there's a better way to do them. If you're ready to smash the patriarchy, lead with compassion, and build a successful business, then come on honey! We're doing the damn thing!

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Businesses Are Challenging...

I know this from personal experience.

As the founder of a children’s decor company, then as a meditation fellow with a meditation & mindfulness practice, and as the founder and head marketer of my own boutique marketing firm, I know the ups and downs. Trust me.

I know what it’s like:

  • To build a business from the ground up, and sell it to an industry partner.

  • To have a business fail because I wasn’t prepared for what it required (turns out, it’s not a “build it and they will come” situation - who knew? haha!).

  • To build a 6-figure, sustainable business complete with happy clients and a happy team.

... and I also know how important it is to have advisors and coaches in my corner!

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Monthly astrological self-care reports & blogs with magickal people in mind.

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Magic Meets MBA

MBA? Say what?

I’m proud to be a member of the 2022 graduating class at Texas Women’s University with an MBA in Women in Leadership.

I have long made it my priority to understand the challenges that women face in the world and in business.

In fact, my first graduate degree (MA - Military & American History from American Public University System) focused on the challenges of women and People of Color, as well as the harmful use of propaganda and the usefulness of insurgent strategies by the outgunned and outmanned (outnumbered and out-planned) British forces in the American Revolution.

Let’s just say I’ve been into breaking the rules and standing up for others for a long time!

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