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Let me know if you’ve heard this one: Women can have it all.

First of all, you don’t hear anyone saying this to men.
Second of all, if we’re so worried about having it all, we’re too busy to notice the shit going on around us and the things we've been conditioned to accept.
Welcome to the revolution. It’s fun here.

Break Up with Burnout Group Program

7 Months to being burnout free. Inner mindset work + outer business systems for sustainability and profitability.

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I've got free and paid tools and programs for busting burnout and running your business better.

Reclaiming Leadership with The Good Business Witch

New podcast launching this fall! Join me on YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook Live every week for the show.

Magic Meets MBA

MBA? Say what?

I’m proud to be a member of the 2022 graduating class at Texas Women’s University with an MBA in Women in Leadership.

I have long made it my priority to understand the challenges that women face in the world and in business.

In fact, my first graduate degree (MA - Military & American History from American Public University System) focused on the challenges of women and People of Color, as well as the harmful use of propaganda and the usefulness of insurgent strategies by the outgunned and outmanned (outnumbered and out-planned) British forces in the American Revolution.

Let’s just say I’ve been into breaking the rules and standing up for others for a long time!

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