Burnout? Yeah, I've heard of her...

Hey lovely! I'm Megan and I'm on a mission to help as many women as possible break up with burnout.

Why? Because it fucking sucks!

You're probably wondering how I got here.

2020. That might be enough said, but here's a little more detail.

In 2020, I was running my marketing business and was excited about its expansion. Then the pandemic hit, and suddenly, folks who were used to networking and marketing in person were scrambling. How do we do business in this new world? 

My business took off. Like, tripled in business took off. And it was great, until it wasn't.


I hit a point where I wasn't sleeping, I was anxious all the time, and I even had a little breakdown in my favorite brunch spot once things started opening up. I didn't realize it at the time, but I was burned out. I was all smiles on the outside, but felt like I was going crazy on the inside.

Isn't this what we should want, though? A thriving business? More clients than we can take on? A waiting list?

I mean, that's what the business gurus tell us.

During that time, I posted what I thought was a really pretty picture of myself on Facebook. When a friend of mine saw the pic, she reached out and asked what was wrong - the light just wasn't in my eyes anymore.

Have you ever looked at yourself and seen a dimness behind your eyes where there was once a spark?

If so, you're in the right place!

Ways To Work With Me

Private Business Leadership Coaching

 Enrollment is ongoing.

Grow yourself & grow your business!

Weekly coaching sessions with me as your business coach. I'm here to help you manage your team, grow your business, evolve your offerings, and transform your role as a business owner. We'll set goals at the start of each month and I'll help you meet them!

This is not a one-size-fits-all approach to coaching. Instead, I focus my attention and intuition on your energy, needs, goals, and challenges. It's truly a personalized experience.

Investment: $10,000 for 6 months 

Break Up With Burnout Group Program

Starts October 2022!

Weekly coaching calls (recordings available). Supportive community where we build each other up. No toxic positivity and no forceful coaching - it's a safe space for you! We'll work through the six forms of burnout: energetic, mental, social, physical, empathetic, and emotional, and you'll learn skills and techniques to combat stress. You'll finish the program with a full plan for reducing your stress, delegating to a team, supporting yourself and your goals, and your own customized business ecosystem.

Investment: $7,000 (monthly payments or paid in full available)

Read About My Clients' Experiences Working With Me!

"She brings professionalism and vision, and there's always an energy like, 'I've got you. I know what needs to be done.'"

Read the full case study of Jill Keuth's experience with Megan

Read Full Case Study

"Whether you need business guidance or personal growth work, Megan provides an atmosphere of unconditional support without judgment...

She is easy to talk to, down-to-earth and has a fun sense of humor. I highly recommend working with her." 

~ Karen Shatafian, Life Coach for Women

"As a fellow Aquarian, she's creating the business practices of the new century -- a true prophetess of the New Millennium!"

~ Amara Willey, Spiritual Mentor

Want to learn more about working with me?

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A little more...

Education & Certifications

MBA - Women in Leadership
Texas Women's University, 2022

MA - Miltary & American History
American Public University System, 2011

BA - History; Psychology
University of North Texas, 2008

Enterprise Design Thinking Practitioner
IBM, 2021

Master Mindfulness Practitioner
The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology, 2018











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