11 Witchy Money Biz Tips

astrology good business witch money money magick small business spiritpreneur spiritual business May 16, 2022

by Lizzie Burgess

If you're like me, you're always looking for ways to save money. Especially when it comes to your small business. That's why I've put together this list of witchy tips for financial savings! These tips are magickal, but they also make a lot of practical sense. They will help you keep more money in your wallet while still providing quality services to your clients.

1 - Upsell easier with Glamour Magick for Confidence

Utilize glamour magick to help give you the boost before any live social videos, any podcast interviews, or even just before asking for that raise you know you deserve. By improving your confidence, you can more easily upsell your services and products. This will lead to an increase in revenue and fewer money worries overall. Confidence is the key to success in many areas of life, including business. Enchant your makeup, your clothes, your accessories to help you in your day-to-day to help give you more empowerment.

2 - Optimise your Colour Magick

If you have a color scheme that suits you that you adore for a personable business, such as 1:1 services like coaching, tarot reading, beautician, etc., then embrace this vs. what the industry average is or what your competitors do. You offer a personalized service, so use the colors that empower you and help you feel more confident, and let the colors work their magick for you. Blues are great for communication, reds for fiery passions, and green for nurturing and healing.

3 - Correspondences for Attraction to use in your content

Similar to optimizing your color magick, using items with attraction correspondences that you already have at home for your content doubles up as a refresher for your socials as well as it can cut the cost of hiring props or buying marketing materials. A simple idea is taking a picture of your Mint plant in your garden, and overlaying the image with a block including text. It looks simple, it's refreshing, and it can demonstrate key messages as well as bringing in money or prosperity (the magickal correspondences of mint). The same can be said for basil & dill, Fehu runes, Ace of Pentacles tarot card, anything with an attraction correspondence to bring in new sales & new clients!

4 - Community over Competition - Help each other, help yourself

Find someone who offers a similar service and join up for a supercharged giveaway on socials! You both then get exposure to each other's client base, and maybe get mutual support from each other moving forward as support in the network, which you maybe didn't have before.

5 - Feeling uninspired? Check out your Vesta placement

Vesta is the asteroid of focus, devotion & efficiency. If you feel like you're stuck in a rut or just generally uninspired, check out where Vesta is currently transiting through your natal chart and work with that energy. If it's in your 12th house, consider ways to bring more organization into your creative process. This can look like anything from using color coding to setting time limits, to even just setting up a space in your house that is only for your creative work. Another example is by the sign. My Vesta is in Capricorn, so I utilize this by making sure I have a clear plan & goal for anything creative I do, as well as breaking it down into manageable chunks with scrutinized money spending. This way, I can work on it little by little and not feel so overwhelmed or see myself going into debt. By showing Vesta that you're serious about your craft, you will start to see results almost immediately.

6 - Feeling burnout coming on? Check out your Ceres placement

Ceres is the asteroid of nurture and can give us some clues as to how we can better take care of ourselves when she's activated in our charts. If you're feeling burnt out, see where Ceres is transiting and work with that energy. If Ceres is in your 11th house, consider ways to bring more structure into your social life. This can look like anything from setting boundaries with friends & family, to saying no to events that you don't really want to go to, to even just taking a break from social media. Another example is by the sign. My Ceres is in Aries, so I utilize this by making sure I have regular self-care days where I do things that make me feel good, like getting a massage or going for a walk in nature. I then brainstorm ways to practice self-care without spending a penny, making it a challenge (we all know the competitiveness of Aries) and bringing more joy to the situation.

7 - Physical transformations; smoke & mirrors

If you have a physical shop or stall on a market, or a table that you work from in a shared office space, small home-brought changes can make a difference. Make a desk cleansing spray for cleansing stagnant energy or use incense if possible, have "travel friendly" crystals for attracting new clients and for clear communication laid out, and use mirrors. Not only are mirrors a natural tool for protection from bad vibes and bad luck, but you will find that a lot of people swing by and look at their reflection - it's human nature. Use this as an opportunity to talk about what they're working on/looking out for that day, and grow from there!

8 - Move with the changes

Change is the only constant, and it can be a real struggle. When we get comfortable in our routines, it can be really tough to break out of that and make space for new things. But if we don't, we run the risk of becoming stagnant, uninspired, and working with the blinders on. So how do we move with the changes in mindset? The answer is affirmations! Every morning when you wake up, say to yourself, "I am open to change" or "I am willing to let go of what no longer serves me." "I spend my money wisely", "I enjoy seeing my investments return to me," and "I love thinking about the good I can do with the money I make," have been really amazing affirmations for me (someone who previously struggled with feeling I deserved to be paid my worth). It may not seem like much, but trust me, it makes a world of difference.

9 - Tarot audit your business

Utilize business tarot spreads and your favorite tarot deck you have at home to audit your business and check in with it for progress. You'll find the advice from the cards can be strategic and beneficial for you, and if you don't have a physical tarot deck, there are plenty of free apps out there where you can generate the cards on your phone or tablet.

10 - Enchant your bank account

Put your realistic goal of a bank account figure on your vision board. Hold gratitude rituals for your paydays and when you see the money coming in. Have a money bowl on your altar or by your till. Every time you deposit into your account or you pay off some of your debt (like by direct debit or one-off payments) say a little spell that you've written yourself. A money spell could be as simple as lighting a green candle and saying: "Money, money come to me. In ever-increasing quantity. So mote it be."

11 - Diversify with divination

Utilize different divination methods to help you diversify your revenue streams - what does your pendulum think of you selling digital products? What do the runes read for investing in stocks & shares? What does your tarot deck reveal about a new service you could offer? Using tools you already have can save you time (and therefore money) researching multiple methods, trialing them, and seeing what works and doesn't work for you. This is not an extensive list, and if your intuition is telling you to go for something, I would always listen to this inner voice, as you will always know what feels right for your business or not.

There are lots of witchy money-saving tips out there for small businesses, but these are just 11 that I've thought to be really helpful! Do you have any witchy money tips that you use in your business? Share them in the comments below!

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