Astrology Self-Care Report February 2022

2022 astrology astrology astrology forecast business owners forecast good business witch self-care Feb 01, 2022

by Tenae Stewart, The Witch of Lupine Hollow

The second month of 2022 is already upon us with all of its graceful, loving, and harmonious numerology. We’ve got February 2nd (2-2-2022) and February 22nd (2-22-2022) to look forward to for a burst of love, affection, and manifesting power this month!

It’s a relatively quiet month astrologically, with Venus retrograde ending on January 29 and Mercury retrograde ending on February 3, so much of this month will be about integration and quietly moving into action.

There is also no new moon in February, thanks to a trick of the calendar and a short month – we had a new moon in Aquarius on January 31 and the next will be a new moon in Pisces on March 2. This is not especially cosmically significant since it has to do with the calendar, but it does mean that our collective energy this month will be focused on receiving and releasing, rather than on setting intentions.

This is actually a great opportunity to make sure that you are staying in alignment with your actions and opening up to receive what you think you want, rather than stuck in the hamster wheel of planning and setting goals without acting on them.

We will spend most of February in Aquarius season, the sign of the Rebel archetype and of revolutionary, innovative, and electric ideas. You may find yourself particularly inspired and electrified in the first two weeks of the month as Mercury goes direct and we traverse the active waxing moon phase.

We will still be in the shadow period of both Mercury and Venus retrograde for most of the month as well, though. While you might feel inspired and activated, you might also want to take a little more time for reflection and integrating what you’ve learned since the start of the year before jumping in feet first.

One of the most important transits happening this month is Venus conjunct Mars in Capricorn on February 12. Venus and Mars represent the spectrum of the divine feminine and divine masculine and also the essential components of manifestation. Venus helps us to get clear on our desires, Mars helps us to take strategic action to create them, and Venus guides us to open up to actually receive what we desire.

When Venus and Mars are conjunct, which typically happens once or twice a year, they are joined up together in the sky and their energies blend and merge with one another. This can be an intense and passionate time when emotions are heightened and passions are roused. On the one hand, this can feel very inspiring – especially in the realm of work and money, since this conjunction is happening in Capricorn – but on the other, it can also be draining and exhausting.

If you find yourself feeling drained and tired in mid-February, take some time for rest and to reflect on this spectrum of the divine masculine and feminine. These terms are often used as a binary – this is feminine and that is masculine, as if they are opposites. This is patently unhelpful and untrue, however, as gender, and our expression of it, is truly a spectrum. We all possess the energy of both Venus and Mars and they are not opposites, but rather partners.

This conjunction will be a powerful opportunity to discover how both the receptive, desirous energy of Venus and the active, strategic energy of Mars exist within you – and within your business.

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