Gentle Business Reminders for Soulful Entrepreneurs

affirmations business tips soulful entrepreneurs spiritpreneur spiritual business Apr 13, 2022
We all need reminders now and again. So here are 12 for you:
1) You are in charge of your business. You get to decide. You can be the boss AND be kind - they aren't mutually exclusive.
2) Kindness is beautifully clear. You do yourself and your people a disservice if you hold things in or hold them back.
3) Feelings are meant to be felt. When we feel them - the "good" and the "bad" - we can release them so much quicker than if we try to hold them in and just "get over it."
4) Don't forget to ask yourself what YOU need.
5) Work a pause or break into your work tasks if it's too hard to get away.
6) Patterns tell you SO much about yourself and your business. Take note if something keeps happening the same way. There are lessons there.
7) You started your business for a reason. On the hard days, go back and remember your why.
8) Your breath is always here. It's your best friend and most valuable business tool. Don't forget to breathe.
9) Sometimes things are perfect just as they are. Don't look for solutions to problems that don't exist.
10) There's almost always a moderate mid-point. Avoid the temptation to go to extremes.
11) Disagreement does not equal rejection.
12) You want the wrong people to reject you. The people you don't want as clients or customers should be allowed to self-filter and find something else for them.
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