June 2022 Astrology Self-Care Report for Business Owners

2022 astrology astrology astrology forecast cancer season gemini season litha magick mercury retrograde summer solstice May 31, 2022

by Tenae Stewart, The Witch of Lupine Hollow

June is a month of implementation and alignment this year. We’re practicing lots of integration and bringing the lessons we’ve learned during the recent retrograde and eclipse season into being in a more tangible way.

First, Mercury retrograde comes to an end in Taurus on June 3. Over the past ten days or so, we’ve been really reflecting on our finances and our relationship to pleasure. We’ve also been getting grounded in the words we use to describe ourselves and our environment.

Whether this has been a quiet retrograde for you, or one marked by upheaval, you may have felt as though time has slowed down in recent weeks, like we’ve collectively been walking slowly through sand. Time is about to begin moving faster again and your manifestations from the previous months may suddenly be coming to fruition.

We are still in the shadow period of Mercury retrograde until June 18, however, so we have a few weeks before things really getting moving again. The shadow period occurs while Mercury transits back over the degrees of the zodiac that it moved backwards over while retrograde. Mercury will be in the shadow in Taurus until June 13, and then in the shadow in Gemini for another five days before fully moving out of the retrograde zone.

Take this shadow period opportunity to get greater clarity around the words you’re using, the decisions you’ve made, and to wrap up any lingering conversations.

We are also starting June off with both Venus and Mars in their home signs of Taurus and Aries, respectively. When Mercury enters Gemini on June 13, we will actually have 9 days of all three personal planets in their home signs!

Mercury, the planet of communication, will be in its social and conversational home sign of Gemini until July 5. Venus, the planet of love and desire, will be in its grounded and pleasure-seeking home sign of Taurus until June 22. And Mars, the planet of action and passion, will be in its fiery and motivating home sign of Aries also until July 5. This is going to be a period of incredible alignment and forward momentum, especially when they all three overlap from June 13 to June 22.

To make the most of this period, take some time over the first few weeks of June to get your ducks in a row. Make plans and preparations so that you can spring into action on your manifestations, speaking your desires into reality!

Then, on June 21, the sun will enter Cancer and we will celebrate the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere, (and the winter solstice in the southern hemisphere.) This is the longest day of the year, when the sun is at the peak of its power. This is the perfect opportunity to pause to celebrate and reflect back on the first six months of the year. Bask in gratitude for everything you’ve accomplished, every blessing and lesson that have come your way, and every day and season you have moved through.

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