May 2022 Astrology Report

May 2022 Self-Care Astrology Report for Business Owners

2022 astrology astrology astrology forecast gemini gemini season mercury retrograde Apr 28, 2022

by Tenae Stewart, The Witch of Lupine Hollow

The cosmic energy of May is chaotic – but perhaps, an expression of the chaotic good, the winds of change blowing in a fresh perspective. There are eclipse portals, Jupiter transits, and a Mercury retrograde to watch out for so let’s dive in.

Two of the biggest transits of the month both kick off on May 10 – Jupiter enters Aries and Mercury goes retrograde. For the past several months, Jupiter has been in Pisces – its traditional home sign and the final sign of the zodiac.

On May 10, Jupiter will enter Aries for the first time since 2011, beginning a new collective cycle of expansion – or rather, giving us a preview of what new modes of expansion are going to be possible in 2023. Jupiter will be in Aries for about five months, before retrograding back into Pisces in October and eventually moving back into Aries around the new year.

Jupiter is the planet of luck, faith, expansion, and spirituality so we are beginning a new cycle of manifesting, creating, and receiving abundance. The powerful Jupiter-Neptune conjunction that occurred a few weeks ago in Pisces has set the tone for the year and even decade ahead around spirituality and mysticism coming even more into the mainstream consciousness. Now this ingress into Aries will give us an opportunity to take more decisive action than ever to create the world we desire.

Also on May 10, Mercury will turn retrograde in Gemini, like it did last spring. This is the home sign of Mercury so expect a very classic Mercury retrograde experience. Plan for technology issues, communication breakdowns, and more typos than usual – but just remember that although Mercury retrograde can be a source of frustration, it’s really not the cause of any of the trouble we seem to run into this time of year. Mercury retrograde is a reflection of issues, miscommunications, and broken parts that are already there, but that need to rise to the surface and come to our attention so they can be fixed instead of continuing to fester.

A few days later on May 15, we’ll celebrate the full moon eclipse in Scorpio. Essentially, the first two entire weeks of May are part of the eclipse portal and this full moon eclipse is the peak of that energy. Eclipse portals are a powerful invitation to transform. In this case, we are undergoing massive transformation by traversing our personal underworlds and delving into shadow work. This may be a very sensitive and tender time so give yourself lots of space for retreat and healing.

Then on May 22, Mercury will retrograde back into Taurus. This is a totally different energy than the first part of the transit in Gemini. It will likely feel like somebody put the brakes on all of a sudden and our thoughts, ideas, and communications will slowwwww wayyyy dowwwn. We will be invited to do less, to say less, and to choose our words and actions much more carefully.

Specifically, this Mercury Rx in Taurus is activating a particular area of your own astrological chart depending on your rising or ascendant sign, which can help you get even more nuanced insight on where this will show up in your life:

  • Aries Rising: Reevaluate and slow down around money moves and financial decisions
  • Taurus Rising: Reevaluate and slow down around labeling your own identity
  • Gemini Rising: Reevaluate and slow down around connecting with your intuition
  • Cancer Rising: Reevaluate and slow down around the causes and political movements you support
  • Leo Rising: Reevaluate and slow down around decisions about work and career
  • Virgo Rising: Reevaluate and slow down around committing to a spiritual mentor or path
  • Libra Rising: Reevaluate and slow down around processing and healing your shadows
  • Scorpio Rising: Reevaluate and slow down in communicating in your most intimate relationships
  • Sagittarius Rising: Reevaluate and slow down in creating daily rituals that you can actually be consistent with
  • Capricorn Rising: Reevaluate and slow down in your business moves – do less
  • Aquarius Rising: Reevaluate and slow down – give yourself time and space for rest
  • Pisces Rising: Reevaluate and slow down in your communications – choose your words wisely
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