Monday Business Magick - Intuition & Business Shadow Work

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by Lizzie Burgess

Intuitive Guidance, Feeling Good & Business Shadow Work

Monday business magick is all about intuition, feeling good, and introspective shadow work on your business. The intuitive guidance will help assist you in making better decisions, while the focus on how you feel can help you create a more positive work environment. Finally, the shadow work will help you get to the bottom of any issues that may be holding your business back.

Monday Correspondences

Monday magick correspondences come from its link with the Moon.  The Moon is a powerful symbol of intuition, feelings, and emotions. It's also a time for reflection and introspection. When you work with business magick, you're tapping into these energies to help your business succeed. 

On the day of intuition, we'll be working with the water element and our intuition. How do you want to feel in your business? What guidance do you need? We'll also be doing some introspective shadow work on our business, looking at what we may have been hiding from ourselves. This is a great time to get clear about what you want and how you're going to make it happen!

Business Shadow Work

Shadow work usually is defined as the process of bringing to light the hidden or rejected parts of ourselves that we keep in the dark. This can be done through active imagination, journaling, and other creative means. It is a way of diving deep within ourselves to uncover what is holding us back from success.

For this Monday theme, we'll be doing some shadow work on our business. What is holding your business back? What are you hiding from yourself? This is a great time to get clear about what you want and how you're going to make it happen!

Mondays are great for a to-do list (as are Fridays tbh!) and who doesn't love a list? But set some time aside once you've "eaten that frog" and congratulated yourself for not scrolling on socials for 2 hours. Get your favorite beverage, mine is always a strong milky coffee, and spend as much time with these prompts below as you can. You do not need to do every single one, but don't be worried - Shadow work isn't easy, and a lot of people are afraid of it, but remember you started this business for a reason. It's great to reconnect with yourself at any time or stage of your business development.

  • What is it about your business that you wish you could control, but can't? Why do you need to control it?
  • Is there an element of your business that makes you feel deeply uncomfortable or unhappy? If so, why do I keep doing it?
  • What is it about your business that you're afraid of?
  • If you could see your business grow in one area that isn't money or products based, and that it would make you feel fulfilled, write out what it would be. Why haven't you made this a priority yet?
  • What are the things you've been procrastinating on in your business?
  • What is your relationship to money with your business? How does it make you feel? E.g. Shameful, jealous, exhausted, confident, competitive, energy boost, etc


Ensure after any shadow work, whether personal or business, you take time to sit with any feelings and identify what they are. Give yourself grace, space and permission to feel what you need to feel. It's some of what makes us inherently human, and we deserve to know that it's all coming from a place of love - that we want to do better, that we want to feel better. Introspection work will always be worth it, I promise.

Prioritize time for some self-care immediately after - you've done the biz shadow work, now give yourself a break! Whether that's watching your favorite film, taking yourself on a date (I recommend going to see a movie by yourself!), or reading that book you've been wanting to for ages. Call someone, or reach out to us here. You deserve to nurture the one who is leading your business into a growth phase. 

Business Guidance with Tarot

Use the intuitive guidance of the day to make better decisions, focus on how you feel to create a positive work environment. Here are a couple of tarot or oracle card prompts for you for the week ahead - choose one or choose all, it's entirely up to your intuition here.

  • What theme should I be prepared for this week?
  • What energy should I bring to my business for the next few days?
  • What signs will there be that this is starting to affect my health?
  • How can I give back to my community and my loved ones for supporting my small business?
  • How can I bring more security to my work day?
  • How can I utilize more ways of being victorious over challenges? 


If you're comfortable, why not share on social media your card pull for the #mondaybizmagick and @tag us on it so we can support within the community?

Stay tuned for part two for a deep visualization on managing feelings and expectations within business! Until next time xoxo

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