April 2022 Astrology Self-Care Report for Business Owners

2022 astrology aries season astrology business ideas inspiration motivation pisces scorpio spiritual business Apr 01, 2022

by Tenae Stewart, The Witch of Lupine Hollow

Welcome, spring! We are officially in the most cheerful season of the year, a time of new growth, fertility, fresh starts, and opening our hearts to love and pleasure. We are starting out the month, still without any planets retrograde and with the sun, moon, and Mercury all in Aries, the sign of motivation and momentum.

The first week of April is going to be all about moving into aligned action on your passions. Then, on April 5, Venus will move into Pisces. In traditional astrology, Venus is considered to be “exalted” in Pisces, meaning that the energy of the planet of love, desire, values, and attraction is freaking lit up and vibing when she’s here.

This abundant, intuitive energy will be amplified even more on April 12, when Jupiter and Neptune will make their exact conjunction, also in Pisces. Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces and Neptune is the modern ruler, so having these two conjunct in their home sign with exalted Venus not far away, is a sure recipe for love, romance, and maybe even an income boost. This is a once-in-a-lifetime cosmic experience, as the last time Jupiter and Neptune were conjunct in Pisces was in 1856.

It’s not quite all rose-colored, though, as with all of this Pisces energy, especially with Neptune itself in the mix, there is also a lot of potential for confusion, misdirection, and misunderstandings. This is different than the miscommunications we experience during Mercury retrograde – this Piscean version isn’t so much about technology breakdowns and typos as it is about diffusing what we think we know.

You might feel oh-so-foggy this month, open to new perspectives but also losing track of your own concrete beliefs and values. Allow yourself to flow with the mystery, but find something tangible and grounded to hold onto in the meantime as well.

On April 29, Pluto turns retrograde, the first planet to be retrograde since early February. This will be the start of a shift towards slowing down and getting more reflective as we move towards the solstice six weeks from now. However, since Pluto is a generational planet and spends about half the year retrograde, this won’t necessarily be a massively impactful transit on the personal level.

Finally, on April 30, we’ll celebrate the new moon eclipse in Taurus. This is our second eclipse in Taurus, with the first occurring back in November 2021. The eclipses will be in Taurus and Scorpio for the next year plus. Eclipse season can be a deeply liminal space, filled with mystery, magick, and reflection. Open up to greater pleasure and ease during this time and allow yourself to begin healing any beliefs that life/love/business need to be difficult, a struggle, or painful.

This eclipse is about simplifying our lives and healing ourselves of fear or shame around being worthy of pleasure.

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