Developing Your Intuition

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How's your relationship with your intuition these days? 

We all have the experience of gut feelings, most likely in the form of danger. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time is an unpleasant reminder of our intuitive natures.

Or maybe you’ve experienced it in a romantic situation. We’ve all heard stories of a person meeting their partner for the first time and thinking to themselves, "This is the person I’m meant to be with. I can feel it."

(My man actually said on our very first date, when he got lost driving to the sushi restaurant, "We're going to get married, aren't we?" But that's a story for another time!) 

The fun thing about intuition is we can cultivate it. It's kind of like a muscle that can be strengthened.


How Can I Tell My Intuition is Telling Me Something?

Hunches, gut feelings, and intuitive hits are entirely acceptable to apply in business and life. They're signs that the Universe/Spirit/God/Source is opening doors and providing opportunities as we’ve requested.

When I experience a moment of intuitive clarity, I feel it all over. There's a certain tingliness that happens around my whole being. I also feel compelled to pay attention to it. Some people feel it in the back of my stomach. Other people experience it as a jump in their chest, or as a hardness in the backs of their throats. 

When you feel something is or isn't right (because intuitive hits can be encouraging you TOWARD something amazing), pay attention to the physical signs and go ahead and follow the pull. These simple choices to listen to your body and follow that little tinge of emotional truth will help you strengthen your intuition. If you're like me, then over time, you'll come to rely more heavily on those feelings and your intuition grows.


Are There Dangers to Following Your Intuition?

Not really. Obviously, following hunches shouldn’t negate logic and reason, but act in concert with them. Don't let your "intuition" drive you toward something that you know is dangerous or unhealthy.

Give your intuition a try and follow it with a little faith. And definitely invite it into your business! I do, and it's made all the difference in the world.

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