July 2022 - Self-Care Astrology Report for Business Owners

2022 astrology astrology burnout burnout prevention burnout remedies leo season spiritpreneur spiritual business stress relief taurus Jul 01, 2022

by Tenae Stewart, The Witch of Lupine Hollow

All the action is happening in our fixed signs in July, particularly Taurus and Leo. These signs are deeply passionate and fiercely sensual, but above all, they share an ability to get grounded in their highest truth and to stay the course. If you’ve been needing help seeing things through in your life, business, or self-care – now is the time. 

Right at the beginning of the month on July 5, Mars, the planet of action and passion, is entering Taurus for the first time in almost 18 months. Mars is the slowest moving of the personal planets, changing signs roughly once every two months. However, once Mars enters Gemini in late August, it will stay there for over seven months due to a lengthy retrograde at the end of the year. So the next six weeks in Taurus will likely be the last, most potent burst of motivation and momentum for 2022. 

However, Mars is not particularly comfortable in Taurus, (since this sign is ruled by the opposite planet, Venus), so this is also going to be a period of slowing down and choosing our actions more carefully and wisely. You’re likely to feel motivated but cautious and practical during this time. 

Over the course of the month, we will have several planets and asteroids moving into Leo. On July 19, Mercury, the planet of communication, kicks off the exodus out of Cancer and into Leo, heightening our self-confidence and creative self-expression. Be prepared to be your boldest, wildest self with this transit! 

Then, on July 22, the sun enters its home sign of Leo, the official start of Leo season, followed by Ceres, the asteroid of self-care, on July 23 and the new moon in Leo on July 28. With Mercury, Ceres, and the sun here, we will collectively be channeling our inner king/queen/sovereign of the jungle. There are likely to be some fireworks and some hot-headed remarks, but you may also find yourself getting in touch with your inner child. 

Experiences, words, and conversations that made you angry or sad as a kid may rise to the surface, along with things that allowed you to truly BE a kid – playful and full of joy. Witness each of these as they arise and love up on yourself the way you’ve always needed. 

Then on July 31, Uranus will conjunct the north node in Taurus. Uranus is the planet of change and revolution and is a generational planet – it has already been in Taurus for four years and it will remain here for another four. The north node is a point on the moon’s orbit that is related to eclipses and represents karma, destiny, and our collective purpose. It will spend a total of about 18 months in Taurus. 

This conjunction of Uranus and the north node only occurs approximately once every 18 years and it hasn’t occurred in Taurus since the 1850s. This is likely to be a major catalyst moment of change and collective outlook on money, pleasure, and our physical experience of life. This will be a pivotal moment in the current social and political conversations about inflation, bodily autonomy, and more. Set yourself up with some comforting, nurturing self-care and financial tracking to stay both up to date and to care for your mental health during this time of radical change.

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