Astrology Self-Care Report March 2022

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by Tenae Stewart, The Witch of Lupine Hollow

The most significant thing happening in the cosmos in March 2022 is that all of our planets are now direct and free of their retrograde shadow periods. Although Venus has been direct since late January and Mercury since early February, we’ve still been in a period of integration for the past few weeks. That’s because these powerful personal planets have still been in their post-retrograde shadow period. The shadow period is actually pretty fascinating – this is the time it takes the now-direct planet to move back over the degrees of the sign it was retrograde in.

For example, Venus was retrograde from 26° of Capricorn back to 11° of Capricorn in December and January. She went direct at 11° on January 29 but it has taken her all the way until now, March 1, to make it back to 26° Capricorn and to finally move beyond that point in the sky.

Confused? Don’t worry, this doesn’t really matter unless you’re a huge astrology geek like me.

What does matter is that Venus and Mercury are officially out of their post-shadow periods and all the other planets in our solar system, (even the goddess asteroids), are all direct as well.

That means that right now, nothing is retrograde!! This fully direct period will last until Pluto stations retrograde in Capricorn at the very end of April.

With all the planets in forward motion, we are collectively inspired to finally move into massive action on our goals. If you felt like January was a slow start to the year and February featured a repeat of pesky lessons you thought you were through with, then March is going to be a literal breath of fresh air.

Meanwhile, on March 6, we have the final Venus-Mars conjunction of 2022. The planet of love and the planet of war will meet up as they enter Aquarius together. This electric connection will be bringing us all the unexpected ideas, projects, relationships, and encounters. You might be feeling like a bit of an alien during this time, observing yourself and those around you and questioning why we do the things we do as humans: why do we love? Why do we fight? Who do we fight for?

We’ll also be spending the first part of March in Pisces season, with the sun here until March 20 and the new moon in Pisces, (when the sun and moon are aligned in the same sign), on March 2. This is a period of reflection, releasing, and opening up to your intuition. I highly recommend finding some time between the new moon and full moon this month to reflect back on the past year, excavate the lessons that have come through, and ask your spirit guides for insight on what’s next.

Then, on March 20, we will celebrate the spring equinox and the astrological new year! On this day, the sun moves into Aries, and we begin a new cycle of life, growth, celebration, and death. This is the start of the new zodiac cycle, as Aries is the first sign in the zodiac, and the beginning of springtime. Many people celebrate the spring equinox with food and celebration, including decorating and hunting for eggs. (These are the pagan roots of secular Easter.)

I also encourage you to treat this like a true new year. Set intentions and goals for the year ahead and make plans for how you will move into action over the coming months. With the planets in forward motion and the fiery, passionate momentum of Aries season, you can accomplish anything right now!

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