Monday Business Magick Part 2 - A Deep Visualization

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by Lizzie Burgess

It’s time for more Monday magick. Please follow the link here to find part one, where I discuss the correspondences, some shadow work prompts for business, and some tarot guidance to explore.


Monday Moon Milk Concoction

Here is a tea potion recipe for your moments of mindfulness. Perfect for that 3.30 pm lull!

"This week I will respect my time, my energy and my limits. I won't try to do everything at once, I'll intuitively lead when I need to, and I'll focus on creating a sustainable business. So mote it be."

  • Use new moon or full moon water
  • Sit a moonstone crystal next to your cup 
  • Mix a small amount of spirulina, lavender, vanilla (extract or pod), honey/agave, jasmine tea and your milk of choice for your cup size.
  • Brew your tea under the light of the moon, or charge the ingredients under the moonlight and let its magickal energies infuse your cup. 
  • As you drink, envision yourself surrounded by a bright white & silvery light, which is the light of the moon. This light fills you with peace, clarity and focus. Repeat the empowering statement three times, and then drink your tea.


The Meditation

On the day of intuition, we'll be working with the water element and our intuition. How do you want to feel in your business? Here is a themed business meditation for exactly this. When it is over, make notes of any symbolism.

  1. Surround yourself with your favorite crystals, your favorite scents (candles or incense or wax melts on), a notebook and a pen. Cast protections if you wish, or cleanse the energy in the space in advance.
  2. Find a space where you can be uninterrupted, where you can focus, and you feel safe & relaxed. 
  3. Start with some breathwork, however you feel comfortable breathing. Close your eyes, and let the breath lead the way. Inhale for a count of four, hold for a count of four, exhale for a count of four. After around five to ten minutes of this, or when you're ready, imagine that you are next to a large river. 
  4. The sun is shining and you feel safe here. You are surrounded by natural beauty and wonder. A sunny day, where you can see the moon lit up in the sky. You walk along the rivers edge, heading to where you hear water rushing in the distance, but the water here does not move so rapidly and rushed.
  5. You take in the warmth of the sun, the sound of the water as it touches the bank, the grass, as it moves towards the edge of a drop. The river itself seems to breathe, to inhale, to exhale, as if magickally it were more alive, and if magickally the tide from the moon in the sky was breathing it in, too.
  6. You look at your reflection, and notice that they are somehow older than you. Not by much, but there's a wrinkle or two where there normally isn't, maybe your hair looks different, or you're wearing something that you've coveted for a while. You watch your reflection and focus.
  7. They speak: "I am you, months and months from now. I am the version of you that has overcome adversity, faced challenges and come out on the other side. I have learned from my mistakes, I have grown in confidence and I know my worth.  I trusted myself along the way, and I respected how I felt my life should be. My business is secure, it is strong, and it supports me in the way that I need.." 
  8. Your reflection nods at you, as if to confirm it's time to walk on, and when you're ready you do so, feeling the sun warmth has spread within you, too.
  9. You're at the edge of the drop of the river, and the riverbank. You look at the world below. Everything seems smaller, and it feels like you could scoop up the land below you. What does it look like? What can you make out details of, from up there? You notice steps leading down to the bottom at the side of you, and follow.
  10. You slowly step down holding on to a handrail and admire the water flowing off the edge with confidence, with trust that it'll land exactly where it is supposed to. You can feel the mist on your face, the water is cool but not cold. The waterfall spray relieves you of any stress in the day, you can see the rainbows in the spray of the waterfall, and you admire them all the way to the bottom.
  11. You begin to walk forward, towards the waterfall. As you do, you can feel the ground begin to slope upwards. The noise of the waterfall grows louder and louder. You keep walking until you're right under the waterfall itself. 
  12. And then, you let go. You allow yourself to be pulled into the water, you feel weightless and free. You rise higher and higher until you break through the surface of the water and are standing on top of the waterfall, looking out over the world below. Things are different here to what you normally would expect your river to behave.
  13. When you are ready, you walk back along the path, taking in the sights and sounds around you. The river flows beside you, and you can feel its energy flow through you. You are connected to this place, and you know that you can always return here when you need to. You feel grateful for this space, and for the peace it has brought you. You know that you can come back here anytime you need to, and that you will always be welcome.
  14. Return to your breath, and when you're ready, open your eyes.


Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I hope that you found it helpful, and that you will take some time to explore your own business magick. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments below. Until next time xoxo

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