The Queen of My Life

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I remember a coaching call I was on a couple of years ago. As everyone was checking in to the session, the idea of being “the CEO of my life” came up several times. Obviously, I love feminine CEOs. I love the concept of being the CEO of your life, the boss of your life, all that. But in the week prior, I had been in an all-day virtual retreat with a lot of the same people.

At this retreat, I realized that I feel very comfortable in the divine masculine energies and the masculine side of myself. I’m really comfortable in this place that’s strategic, grounded, and when things are planned out in advance. This is a space I’m used to and rely on every day in my business.

Yet I realized that I was really neglecting my feminine side.

So, when we began talking about being "the CEO of my life," I was like, “You know, I really support this. I'm really into it. I'm just kind of in a different place because I'm really embracing the feminine flow of everything.”

Embracing Femininity in my Business & Life

My coach responded: “Megan, you have homework for yourself and for everyone else. And that is to figure out what the feminine version of ‘the CEO of my life’ is.”

I started jotting down notes during our call when a new idea hit me. Of course, there was a spiritual bend to it: the High Priestess, goddess energy, Queen of Swords, divine mother...⁠

And then it hit me. It was right in my Instagram bio at the time. Inner Queen. The feminine version of The CEO of My Life is: The Queen of My Life.⁠

Think about the great queens in history (in no particular order):⁠

Elizabeth I, who needs zero description.⁠

Cleopatra, the last Pharaoh of Egypt.⁠

Isabella I of Spain, who co-ruled with her husband and was seen as his political and spiritual equal by the Pope himself.⁠

Empress Matilda, who was one of the most powerful women in Europe by her early teens.⁠

Eleanor of Aquitaine, who was at first Queen of France and then became Queen of England, who ran her kingdom when her husband was away, sided with her kids (after separating from her husband) and was freed from prison by her son, Richard the Lionheart when he became king and then ran HIS kingdom for him in his absence.⁠

Empress Theodora, who was one of her husband's chief advisors and one of the most influential women in the Byzantine Empire. She's also a saint in the Eastern Orthodox Church.⁠

And of course, Queen Elizabeth II, who has weathered so many ups and downs throughout history. I know it's fiction, but have you watched "The Crown"?!⁠

Honoring the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine

Being a queen means honoring the sacred feminine AND the divine masculine within yourself. Being the Queen of My Life means using discernment, having systems and support in place, appreciating creativity, honoring my spirituality, delegating tasks when needed, but not being afraid to saddle up and ride out into battle when necessary too.

And it's interesting because one of my friends actually commented and said, “Well, can't why can't CEOs be feminine?” And here’s the thing, CEOs can and ARE feminine! But for me, this process was really about making sure that I am acting as the leader (one could say "CEO") of my business and the Queen of my life.

Creating that balanced approach to business I think is really, really important. So if you see me use that verbiage “the Queen of my life,” you know exactly what I'm talking about.

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