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Tuesday Magick: Sigils & Candle Magick

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by Lizzie Burgess

In Part One of Tuesday Weekday Witchiness, I talked about the importance of correspondences to Mars energy, but in this blogpost I'm about to get a whole lot more magickal. Spells, sigils and fiery delights to help you grow with your business is my main plan!

Get Moving to Motivate Yourself

Sigils have been an incredible tool for witches and magicians for centuries. They are a way of taking your desire, or in this case your business goals, and making them into a physical representation that you can keep with you or near you as a reminder and motivator. 

Creating a sigil is actually quite simple. You start by writing down your intention, in this case it could be something like "I am a successful business owner", or "My business is thriving and growing". Once you have your intention, you then take out all of the vowels and repeated letters, so it would look something like this:


You then take that string of letters and turn it into a symbol, or an arrangement of symbols that is unique to you. Once you have your sigil, you can keep it with you in your wallet or purse, on your desk at work, or even in your car. The key is to keep it somewhere where you will see it often and be reminded of your intention.

There are many online generators to help you create your own sigils, as well as grids you can create for yourself (I prefer to use the wheel version, or online using

Create a sigil for your key motivation, and find a space outdoors or indoors where you have room to move, and won't be disturbed. If you choose to protect your space or call quarters now is a great time to do so, but for those who are chaotic like me, get some chalk and just draw out your sigil on the floor. Big enough that you can step onto each point to activate it. 

Once drawn, put on your most energizing track or song (bonus points to you if it's length is an angel number like 3 minutes 33 seconds!) and enjoy for a second the build up of energy around you.

Once you feel ready, dance on each point on your sigil. Whether it's just a step or a full body jump, go for it. Find the release in the music, and as you do so, feel your energy building, renewing within you. Full body activate that magick! When you are done, thank whatever deities or energies you work with, and allow yourself to cool down and center. This is a really great way to start off your Tuesday magickal practice, as it helps to energise your intention for the day. Don't forget to give thanks to your body and your own magick for helping giving you some spiritual nourishment - you work so hard for yourself and the gratitude acknowledged can go a long way.

Confidence & Charisma Candle Magick

This spell specifically written for Good Business Witch community is some candle magick to boost your confidence and to help let your charisma really draw in your new favourite clients, customers & creativity! You will need:

  • a red pillar candle 
  • incense of your choice to give you a magickal boost (I would recommend Frankincense)
  • sweet almond oil carrier base oil
  • cinnamon essential oil
  • crushed dried nettle leaves 
  • cactus plant (with a few extracted spikes laid to the side)

To begin, cleanse your space and ground your energy. You could do this by using your chosen incense to correct the energy in your space, or if you prefer candles you could use a white candle to purify the area.

Next, set up your altar space. Place your red pillar candle in the center and anoint with the mixed oils. On your plant, use remaining oil to coat the plantpot but be wary of hurting yourself. This connects the energy from the candle, to the plant.

Coat the candle in the nettle, and then light it.

Speak aloud (or in your head) your intention for this spell. It could be something like: "I am a confident decisive business owner, and my work pays off with ease". As you speak these words, imagine yourself as that person six months from now. 

How do they stand? How do they talk? What kind of energy are they exuding? How do they dress? Where do they live? Embody this energy moving forward, visualise how you get there whilst your candle burns on down

If you feel called to, raise your left hand close to the flame (but not touching or burning) and feel the warmth flow through you. Receive this Tuesday blessing for your business.

When you are done, leave the candle to burn out safely. If you can't do this, snuff it out and relight another day until it is finished. Take your cactus plant and place it in a spot where you will see it often, as a reminder of your intention. The spikes represent the obstacles that come up on your path, but with this spell you are confident that you will overcome them.

I hope these tips help to get your magickal business week off to a confident boosted start! 

Tuesday Magickal Affirmations

Here are your Tuesday magickal affirmations to remind you of your power, confidence and success. Say them out loud when you wake up in the morning, or throughout the day whenever you need a boost. I like to write mine in my witchy daily journal, and alongside my tasklist's as doodles.

  • I am the conqueror of plans, and a destroyer of doubtful thinking
  • I have the authority, the power and the wisdom to ensure this business succeeds
  • My charisma draws in new opportunities
  • I am unshakeable in my confidence, no matter what challenges I face
  • My charisma is radiant and it attracts the right people to me like a magnet
  • All of my hard work is finally paying off  
  • I am confident and successful
  • Things are working out for me exactly as they should, or better.
  • I am grateful for everything that has been accomplished so far

It was a pleasure to write for you another installment of Weekday Witchiness for the Good Business Witch. Let us know on all the fun social media platforms what tips resonated with you, and join in the conversation. Until next time xox

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