Tuesday Business Magick - Get Stuff Done!

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by Lizzie Burgess

This is the second day of the week in our series on weekday witchiness. Today, we'll be focusing on the energy of Mars which aligns with Tuesdays. This magickal energy can help you to build confidence, step into your charisma and utilize your courage to put business plans into action. As the god of war, Mars can help us to be assertive and determined when it comes to achieving our goals. If you're feeling stuck or blocked in your business endeavors, don't hesitate to call upon the power of this red-planet deity!

Mars is all about motivation and action - perfect for getting things done! If you're feeling stuck, indecisive or need a boost to get moving, consider working with this magickal energy. We'll give you some tips on how to harness its power, as well as some correspondences to help you get started. Let's get to it!

Mars Gets Stuff Done

Here is a list of ways that fiery Mars energy can be beneficial for your long to-do list:

  1. This planet's energy is perfect for breaking through any blocks or obstacles that are in your way. Mars can help you to be decisive and take action towards your goals. Write your block/problem onto paper and burn it down; take note of any intuition, thoughts or ideas that come through afterward to potentially help you move forward.
  2. If you work with Deities, calling on this planetary deity can also increase your courage and confidence. You can also use Ares, Horus, Tyr, Woden, Phobos or Deimos.
  3. Use Mars magick to put business plans into action! If it helps to ritualize a task, or make it part of a spell, to make it happen - do so! 

All of these things are achieved by tapping into the powerful, assertive and determined energy that Mars provides. When it comes to business magick, this can be an invaluable tool. If you've been feeling stuck or like you're not making progress, consider working with Mars energy to help you get moving.

You can incorporate Mars energy by working with movement, getting fired up and passionate, using crystals such as carnelian, bloodstone, red jasper. You can work with fire magick from candles, incense to bonfires. You can use specific tarot cards like the Ace of Wands, or dressing in the color red. Enchant your red lipstick to help you speak your passions, or drink fiery tea like Ginger or Cinnamon to fill you with that power.

Midday Reset to Fire Up Your Afternoon

The trouble with fiery energy can be when it burns out, or sparks out. I wanted to address for you the ways to connect with this energy in a nurturing, non-defensive approach that can enable you to keep embers burning for longer. There's an important reason why we take breaks in the middle of the day; to stop, have lunch and refuel.

When we don't do this, we can tend to run on fumes which quickly lead to a state of depletion. When you take the time to rest, it allows your body and mind to integrate information, process emotions, and gives you the energy you need to continue for the rest of the day. It's important to have this balance of universal energy, so you don't feel like you're constantly running on empty.

  • Get some sun. Vitamin D is essential for energy, it helps to balance our hormones and can improve our mood. Try and get some time in the sun each day, even if it's just for 20 minutes. Solar energy in magick aligns perfectly with our Tuesday Weekday Witchiness as it both holds a fiery energy that can recharge and reset yourself to a greater Warrior balance.
  • Enjoy spicy foods on your breaks that correspond with your intention, such as cinnamon coffee to get stuff done quickly & with luck on your side. Indulge in French Onion soup, Chilli con Carne or Garlic & Mustard dressings on your salad. And take your break - skipping to work through isn't going to benefit you at all!
  • Get a head massage. The head is linked with Aries and Mars, respectfully, and the stimulation can help you build up enough energy that you can tackle anything your afternoon holds for you. The added bonus of a massage is it gives you the downtime to sit and relax - typically when all the creativity comes flooding to us.
  • Take a lunchtime dance class or a lunchtime Yoga, Pilates or Martial Arts class. Get your body moving so your mind can rest, and your endorphins will keep you charged up and empowered for the afternoon ahead. Take your business cards or website cards with you, as you never know - you may meet your soulmate peers or potential clients there too! Great minds often think alike.

I hope these tips help you to make the most of your Tuesday afternoons, and that you can find what works best for you to keep those creative-business embers burning all day long! Until next time (part two coming very soon!) xoxo

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