Wednesday Business Magick

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by Lizzie Burgess

Wednesday is a great day for communicative business magick! It's ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and commerce. This makes it the perfect day to write out your content strategies, speak with clients, and teach new skills (hellooooo, workshop plans!). In this post, we will cover the correspondences of Wednesday's energy and how you can use it to help your business grow. We'll also share a spell that can attract the right network of peers for you in our connecting piece!

Wednesday Correspondences

Mercury rules our beloved (or beloathed) midweek and there are loads of ways you can incorporate this energy. Use lavender incense or rosemary, purple candles lit whilst you're reading & studying, spend time with fern plants, and use agate or citrine crystals for your work. The main themes are communication, wisdom, knowledge, and commerce. Other influences are:

- air as an element

- Gemini & Virgo energy

- the Hermit card in tarot 

- the colors purple, green, & yellow

- magickal tools: pens, paper, books, voice recording tools such as dictaphone or apps


How to make midweek more magickal

If you're looking to boost your communication skills, whether it's for networking or writing content, this is the perfect day to do some business magick. Write out your goals and strategies for the weeks ahead, and light a purple candle whilst you work. Visualize yourself succeeding in your endeavors, and see the people you want to connect with surrounding you in the circle of warm candlelight. As you do this, charge your agate or citrine crystal with the intention of attracting new opportunities.

Coffee divination is just as potent as Tea magick, so when you're making your daily cup or your afternoon booster - try tasseomancy to compliment your planning phase. What symbols & shapes do you see in the grounds? What does your intuition say they mean for your business? How does your reading leave you feeling about your plans? These are important aspects for you to take note of! Here are some common symbols;

- a star: new opportunities

- a heart: love, friendship & happiness

- a ring: commitment, partnership

- a ship: travel

- wavy lines: change is coming

- dots: good luck & fortune.


"Witch up" your Content Planning

Making a list and checking it twice? We love a good to-do list, and what better day to make one than Wednesday! Write out all of the tasks you need to accomplish in the coming week, and then break them down into smaller steps. This will help you to focus on each task individually and see your progress as you go. As you work, burn some lavender incense or rosemary to help boost your concentration. Pull some Oracle cards before you begin, or the current astrological transits for bonus inspiration!

All of the social media content ideas you've had for the month ahead, let's get them down on paper (or in your Google docs). This is the day to get super organized and make sure that everything is scheduled out and ready to go. If you've been meaning to start a blog or vlog, this is also the perfect time to get some content created, and share what you know. Use Wednesday's energy to help you focus on your goals and create a plan of action. Use colour magick to align with the purpose of your content's intentions (filming for new launch stuff? Align with Attraction. Filming for sharing information? Wisdom. Sharing behind the scenes to build authority? Stability, etc!)

You can say an affirmation for every time you post - I know of some witches who swear by taking a deep breath and saying "you know you want me" before hitting that "POST!" button. Other statements you can speak aloud include "I am confident and my work is valuable" or "my message is important and it will reach the people who need to hear it."

Finally, end with a visualization. See yourself surrounded by your community of peers, all working together to help each other grow. See social media working *for* you, rather than against you. Visualize your fellow spiritual entrepreneurs and special customers receiving your content with joy, and 100% supporting you by resharing, quoting, and reblogging you. Allow Wednesday's energy to infuse your content planning with magick!

I hope you’ve enjoyed part one so far - make sure you stay tuned for the connecting piece that includes a “Perfect Peers” Network Spell for connecting with like-minded folks! Until next time xox

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