Stop Wasting Hours Scheduling Your Social Media Posts!

What if you never had to brainstorm social media content from scratch again?

With Snappy Social Scheduling, there’s no need for starting from scratch. You’ll learn how to schedule a month’s worth of content in less than 6 hours.

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Are you tired of hearing how important social media is to your business and feeling guilty that you don’t have a large online presence?
What if you could sit down and create content that connects with your audience once a month and then just have fun on social media?
You can have great social media content that connects with your audience, without spending endless hours on it (or $$$ to get it!).
Get a month’s worth of content scheduled in just a few hours with Snappy Social Scheduling!

Social Media Calendar

A content calendar with 12 months of social media theme days & unique ideas for posts that you can reuse year after year.

My Batching Checklist

My Batching Checklist so you can attack your scheduling in activity types for more efficiency.

Hashtag Hacks

Hashtag Hacks Worksheet to help you identify your niche and industry hashtags and make simple swipe files for posts.

My Dreamy Client Worksheet

A dreamy way to help you brainstorm and get crystal clear on exactly who you want to work with.

Caption Template

This template will help you write a caption that covers all the important elements... each and every time!

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Right now, you're struggling to get your social media schedule under control.

You aren't showing up consistently and ALL the business coaches tell you that Consistency is Key.

Imagine if you could create that consistency and develop the like, know, and trust factor with your ideal client by spending just one afternoon per month on your scheduling!

That leaves a lot of time for a yoga class or catching up on the month's book club selection.

Grab Snappy Social Scheduling now and cut down on the time you spend on your social media accounts every week!

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Hey, I'm Megan Winkler, The Good Business Witch.

I'm a business liberation and leadership coach who specializes in helping spiritual entrepreneurs build their businesses.

I've worked with architects, physicians, life coaches, and Fortune 500 companies to help refine their message, create communities, and develop brand strategies.

My roots are in marketing and sales, which is why I created Snappy Social Scheduling. I know how hard it is to get a grasp on all the components of your marketing. I believe that marketing is all about people and connections - and that it doesn’t have to be hard!

I look forward to helping you connect with your people consistently and meaningfully...without having to post every day. Seriously!


How to create "swipe file" lists of hashtags that perfectly represent your brand and attract your ideal client. You'll discover some great Hashtag Hacks that will make this search a breeze!


How to schedule a week's (or more!) content in a short amount of time - we're talking a week's worth of content done in 30 minutes.


A 12-month Content Calendar with monthly theme days and unique, conversation-starting content ideas you can use for social media and beyond (think: your blog and newsletter!). These prompts allow you to be creative and write unique captions - they're not copy/paste solutions that will look like everyone else's.


How to reuse content you've already created and save bundles of time by repurposing the work you've already put into your business.


How to create brand graphics even if you have ZERO experience with creating images. I walk you through using a free platform that will fool even the most critical design wonks!


How to schedule your posts - again, for free! - through video tutorials and my Batching Checklist to make sure you're doing it in an organized way.


Plus: Nearly 3 hours of audio content selected from my podcast to help you focus on content creation and your social media marketing AND a special "Create and Chill" playlist to keep you company while you work.


And did I mention that you can do all this for an entire month in one afternoon? That's right! I'm revealing all the secrets that nobody's talking about when it comes to your social media marketing.


Let's bring the SOCIAL back to social media and grow your audience while we do it!

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Life & Biz Coaches

Creating consistent social media content is a powerful way to generate leads and build your list without having to hire a virtual assistant to do it for you.

In fact, with this system, you'll be able to create a great presence online with a personal touch that your clients are craving. You'll build that like, know, and trust factor that your clients desire from their coach.

Virtual Assistants

Have your clients asked for help with social media and you're at a loss for how to proceed? This system will help you tackle those tasks without having to go through an extensive (or expensive) marketing training program.

Once you implement it for your existing clients, you'll feel confident offering the service to future clients! Talk about increasing the value of your offerings.

Business Owners

Regardless of what you sell and who you sell it to, Snappy Social Scheduling will help you! Use it to add flavor and individuality to your product posts, drive traffic to your website, and get conversations started in the DMs with a consistent online presence.

When it’s time to do so, you can pass along the knowledge to your virtual assistant or marketing manager.

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